The FERN LONDON, Launched by DGN Global Ltd. has grown from a small division of an independent gift shop to a thriving multi-trailer operating across the UK.

We currently operate in over shopping centers around the world and we are available online too, where we are offering a unique range of home decor, air fresheners, Indoor lighting, bathroom essentials, clothing, accessories, hand crafted and many more leisure products so that you can shop all your decor needs by sitting at your home. Our experience in creative packaging and merchandising our stalls and customers is second to none, making us a consistently popular feature and giving our retail partners the opportunity to ‘go’.

Our goal is to offer our customers a wide range of exclusive, high quality products at the most affordable prices. We continue to develop and source new items from suppliers and manufacturers around the world.


The fern occasionally runs a delivery promotion where domestic customers can receive free shipping on purchases over a certain amount. These promotions may change periodically. Join THE FERN mailing list to receive the latest shipping promotions. THE FERN delivers to the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Shipping and handling costs are as follows:
Flat Rate £7.99 Domestic UK & NI (Free Delivery on all orders over £30)
A flat rate of £12.00 for all international countries we deliver to.
Orders are dispatched via DPD or Royal Mail. A DPD tracking number will be provided if applicable.
Order processing time is up to 10 days. We do not offer delivery services on weekends. These hours may change during holidays or limited edition releases. Thank you for waiting.

We are not responsible for shipping delays caused by customs, natural disasters, travel to the local carrier in your country, strikes, air or ground delays, and any additional fees, charges or secondary payments after the package is issued. sent It’s already over.
If the package is returned by the sender, we will contact you to discuss your options. We can return the item to you, the vehicle cannot be returned. Alternatively, you can resend the order and we will charge the shipping cost.


Unwanted products

Unwanted products can be returned for a refund within 21 days of delivery. However, it must be kept in its original, unopened and unused packaging. This is in addition to your legal rights. We do not cover the cost of returns!

Defective products

If you have a problem with your product, please see our troubleshooting guide or call us for advice. You can request that images, videos or products be returned before assessing the error. If possible, we will replace the part or item.
Please do not return any product without consulting us first.

The FERN LONDON Is now marking its footprints online with a unique range of all type of home décor needs.

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