Ceramic Hanging Cup Burner – Grey


The ZERO Furnace Fern Tealight burner uses the essence of natural heat to gently infuse and warm the aroma. When you’re done, you can empty the cup and use the convenient nozzle to pour the perfume and clean it easily and effortlessly.

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Get inspired by the modern design of a hanging glass burner… Go back to a simpler age when sparks could achieve so much and enjoy the minimalist and simple feel!

The ZERO Furnace Fern Tealight burner uses the essence of natural heat to gently infuse and warm the aroma. When you’re done, you can empty the cup and use the convenient nozzle to pour the perfume and clean it easily and effortlessly.

The base of the lamp ensures the reliable and safe use of a flame that is not accidentally extinguished with a brush.

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