Pearl Moroccan Geometric Wax Warmer


o Easy to use and maintain
o Can be used with melted wax or aromatic oils.
o UK 3 pin power supply
o Instructions are included.
o Equipped with E14 40W bulb

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Pearl Moroccan Geometric Wax Warmer

A new level of wax warmer has been released! Our geometric heaters are very attractive with many mosaic planes that diffuse the light in a beautiful reflective display.

Each handcrafted ornament is delicately added to the burner to ensure the perfect finish, creating these beautiful home decorations. Geometric heaters can be used for both wax and essential oils, so customers are not limited to one type of aromatic product.

Each lighter has a specially designed square casing and long edges to hold your favorite fragrance, preventing liquid fragrance from entering the candle area.

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