Sit Back Premium Fragrance Oil 10ml


Sit back and relax with the scent of lavender. As your fears melt away, relax and let go of all negativity while the light fragrance lifts your spirits. Suitable for all ultrasonic speakers. Add a few drops to water to release your favorite fragrance.

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Sit back and relax with the scent of lavender. As your fears melt away, relax and let go of all negativity while the light fragrance lifts your spirits. Suitable for all ultrasonic diffusers. Add a few drops to water to release your favourite fragrance.

Premium Fragrance Oil: Water soluble fragrance oil made from plant extracts, essential oils and premium fragrances.

This product contains low levels of alcohol. Ingredients: Deionised water, fragrance oil, solvent, stabiliser and ethyl alcohol.

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