Strawberry Bath Fizz


When you come home after a long day at work, the house is a mess and dinner hasn’t started yet, but yes! Go upstairs and start taking a warm, deep bath.

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 Extend your bath time with the NEW Bath Fizz!

Just imagine… When you come home after a long day at work, the house is a mess and dinner hasn’t started yet, but yes! Go upstairs and start taking a warm, deep bath. Spritz on our new Bath Fizz and you’ll feel instantly relaxed as the aroma fills your bathroom and the chaos below fades from memory. Dig deep into the aroma bath, your body will relax after the day and your mind will flow to the Bahamas!

Inspired by the best-selling Wax Melt fragrance, now you can enjoy your favorite fragrance in the form of a Bath Fizz… Each bottle contains 3 bath bombs that add vitality and instant fragrance to bath time. Designed for maximum relaxation in your bathroom, your bathroom can smell serene and divine!

Sprinkle a handful over the tub to create a tub full of gorgeous scents and dazzling colors.

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