Tiger Eye Tumbled Stonex


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Crystals and Gemstones are the doorway into a world of dreams and possibilities. Used for millennia by different communities for their metaphysical properties that are said to aid in health, wellness and protection. Fast forward to 2022 – the year of Manifestation and ‘Goal Digging’, Crystals are one of the trendiest accessories to be stocked this year!

The Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone has many healing properties. The main ones revolve around grounding and confidence.

What is Tiger Eye used for?

  • To help you channel your focus and attention
  • To assist you in your grounding practises.
  • Place on the third eye to awaken awareness.
  • Carry a Tigers Eye with a bullseye pattern to protect you from the Evil Eye
  • Use Tigers Eye massage stones to calm your nerves



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